About my passion for music

My books about playing the piano, guitar, bass and drums [most of them in spanish].

My books about playing the piano, guitar, bass and drums.

On a previous post I talked about cultivating my passion for music and art, but just mentioned my present actions on painting. Regarding to music on my life, I know I’m very interested on four musical instruments which are keyboards/piano, guitar, bass and drums. I have experience with all of them but I need to focus on just one or two at a time until I can decide which one suits me better.

I have a load more of stuff to study, I just need to dedicate more time to it… MASSIVE ACTION. I learned to read music and play the piano and the bass by myself. I have received a few guitar lessons from my uncle and a friend [in 10 years] and drum lessons from my friend Andrés [amazing drummer]. But most of the time my best teachers are the books [with help of the internet]. At the end of the day what matters is the ACTION.


Two different approaches on blogging and social media

be youself

I’ve been asking myself about the reasons WHY I wanted to create and maintain this blog in the first place. I thought about privacy, who would read it [maybe someone who particulary dislikes me]? Many people choose to keep away from social media in general because of these kind of issues, and I guess it’s basically to avoid criticism on different levels. And there is the other side of the coin… the possibilities of self-expression and the chance to connect with people who may share your interests and points of view, from whom you also can learn many things along the way.

So after thinking about the pros and cons of the whole picture, here I am. Of course I try to find balance between exposing my private life and sharing things [just because balance is healthy]. Criticism is something unavoidable anyway as I just can’t control what other people think, say or do, I just can control what I think, say or do. The advantages of the new ways of communication are endless, specially for artists and musicians.

Last night I was reading more about the project Amanda Palmer created on Kickstarter, it’s amazing what she’s done. I remember that I first listened to her music in 2003 with The Dresden Dolls. I basically discovered her through the internet when someone shared a video on a forum I used to visit back then. Now I follow her on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc. She’s maybe the person who takes the best advantage of current resources of communication, being independent, being herself, being amazing and humble at the same time. Is just the greatest inspiration… watch for yourself her TED talk about “The art of asking” [a huge mind opener].