To pick just one thing

JFM coment-reply to my comment in his post about not being a natural writer.

JFM comment-reply to my comment in his post about not being a natural writer.

I’ve been diggin deeper into the world of Minimalism thanks to The Minimalists‘ website and the minimalistmakeover Youtube channel. In some way it all relates with what my mother has been doing during our whole lives. She has the hability to give away, sell or toss a great amount of things that she considered we just DON’T NEEDED, which has always proove to be effective when we needed to save more time, space and money. All of this has a close relation with finding your purpose in life or living through your passions, because it gives you the chance to FOCUS AND TAKE ACTION into the most important areas of your life.

So… as I mentioned in my previous posts, I have problems as for deciding in what investing my time and energy. I’m totally aware that I need to pick something and DO IT, just as Joshua says to me on that comment [original post], but I’ve been postponing this decision for years.

The time has come to make that decision.

Of course I feel afraid, because, I have that feeling that if I drop away something I’ll be missing something else. I’m afraid I will regret it after any decision I make. I know I won’t be able to make that decision in one night, neither one week. Maybe in one month.

Let’s see what happens.