Creating my own space

These past few days I found two articles that relate with what I’ve been doing lately… Create more, consume less and Maintaining your individuality in a relationship.

To feel good with myself I need to create in my own space. Though I’m not in a romantic relationship right now, sharing the house with my mother, my son, my cats and my dogs gives the idea of personal space not a huge chance.

Actually it took six months since we moved in here to realize how we wanted to use the areas and the space. Sometimes you have to live before you are sure how you want to live.


So I finally took on for myself the two small rooms in the upper floor where I can have a space for all my things and my work. To have two separate rooms is good to keep away the cats when I don’t want them to damage [sit on, eat, scratch, puke on] something specific I’m working on . In one room I have my bed, clothes, some books and basically is the area to rest/sleep and the main area for my cats. The other room is where I have my books, paintings, music and where I basically read, write, paint, play music, etc. If I have all my things in one place which I can call mine, I can focus and concentrate better and also use the shared areas  feeling stress-free.