Work, work, work

DSC02213rdrzmI’m dedicating five or more hours to paint and draw each day, everyday. It feels great [also frustrating at certain points, but still great]. I almost had forgotten how it felt to do it, to have new ideas one after another and that unstoppable need to create new things. I’m working with colored pencils and watercolor mostly right now and discoverying the possibilities of making visual journals.


The challenge of cultivating my passion for music and art

I came to the conclusion on what has been most of my life about during the last ten years. I’ve been an aspirant to musician and artist. This is something that definately rang my bell while listening to the SXSW talk about minimalism a few days ago. Yes, during the past years I’ve done many things, but not as much as I would like to, and specially, not as continuously and consistently as I would like to.

Let’s be honest here. My priorities have not precisely been about music and art. I spent more time trying to find true love than actually practicing guitar or playing the keyboard. I spent way too many time suffering about feeling disappointed and lonely than painting or drawing. And then I tried to fill the void I felt inside by adopting many cats and dogs, who I love immensly, but also require a huge part of my time to take care off [starting with keeping the house clean]. To complete the equation… I became a mother. But also, thanks to all that has happened to me I started to value the precious time that my life is made of. So now what?

DSC01757rdrzmI’m conscious that maybe I want to do too many different things. Maybe I could accomplish everything, but not all at the same time. I know I have very little patience. I know I’ve abandoned things when they get difficult, so right now I’m focused on re-educating myself, re-directing my actions just and simply by DOING. I decided to start colouring with pencils a few weeks ago. I’m constantly searching and printing drawings for my son and I realized there are also ‘colouring pages for grown ups’. I loved the idea. It’s something that helps me to complete a process without compromising much of my own creativity [yet]. When I finish colouring a page I feel that I have achieved something that looks beautiful to me, I feel proud of my work but don’t have to worry that much if I created something good or worthy. It helps to re-build my confidence. And it’s really relaxing too. It’s something I can do everywhere, at any time. I’m also working in some scketches with watercolours and dry pastels until I can decide which is the technique that suits me better.

DSC01761rdrzmThere are many websites out there with free designs available to print. I started with some from the Lee Hansen Graphics website. I’m also using a lot the Pixlr-o-matic photo effects lately – one of the best things that could have happen to me actually – because I am not a graphic designer [and don’t use instagram, yet]. I learned a little bit while studying but it certaintly is not my passion and sometimes Photoshop is a very time-consuming tool, specially for my modest needs [priorities please!].

P for Painting and Patience

I can’t paint much when Leo is around because he loves it and HE wants to do it. I have hard times concentrating in more than one thing, so I save my painting moments for the nights, the weekends or other days when my mother helps me to take care of him.

Since last year I started to experiment with watercolors. I love watercolors. I like to paint with them, not always anything specific, just play with the water and colors mixing with each other, create patterns and textures. Painting is something that helps to develop patience. I have to wait until the coats dry, mix the colors correctly to obtain the desired tones and then clean up all the mess. And is great because I can have music on at the same time.