About Me


I’m Daniela, 32 years old living in Ecuador [South America]. I started this blog to create a record of my thoughts and the whole process of re-discovering myself as a creative individual. After I got pregnant and my son was born I barely gathered enough strenght to really focus on my personal projects and goals fulfillment. Previously I got a degree on Art and have been collecting some experience as a musician through the years [playing with rock/metal bands and giving piano/bass lessons]. I devote great part of my life to take care of cats and dogs I have rescued from the streets. Nowadays I provide lodge for dogs at home when their owners travel.

A few things about me…

  • My favorite genres of music are Metal, Alternative Rock and 80’s Synth-Pop.
  • I must always have long hair and short nails to feel completely comfortable.
  • I want to start a collection of vinyl records in the near future.
  • I named my son after Leonardo Da Vinci.
  • I’m a vegan and learned to cook just because of that, and enjoyed it.


This is my son Leo.


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