No matter how weird

At some time I read an anonymus quote on a tumblr site:

To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.

I certaintly agree with the quote, but I have to admit that who mostly has tried to make me something else, it’s myself. How come? Irrational standards maybe and putting first what I THINK others may want from me in order to be loved.

Thankfully those days are far gone. But as all harmful habits are hard to remove, sometimes I caught myself confused or overwhelmed about what is that I REALLY like or REALLY want. So, what I do is ask myself repeatedly through the day What do YOU want? [or need, like, think, etc] and Why? Then I feel the answer coming from the inside, just being completely honest with me. No matter how weird, contradictory or absurd it seems, it’s my voice and it’s for me.

A picture of myself in 1982, holding Blanquita.


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